Spirit Guides are spirits (or, more accurately, consciousnesses), more developed than our own, that guide our spirits and souls through our lives as humans on Earth. They are consciousnesses that have all had human incarnations on Earth and therefore understand the problems associated with living as a person on Earth. Each person has at least one Spirit Guide with them all of the time and each person has at their disposal as much guidance and help from as many loving consciousnesses as is necessary. Guidance and help may come in the form of physical, spiritual and mental guidance and any manner of helpful acts. If you were neither aware of Spirit Guides nor knew of their existence, this does not mean they haven’t helped you. When you pray to God for help with anything it is often your Spirit Guide who will help you, they carry out God’s wishes in any matter relating specifically to you. Your Spirit Guide/s help you with all aspects of your life if you pray for help. Your Spirit Guide/s know every thought in your mind and consciously understand more about your mind, body and soul than you do. They feel unconditional love for you, so despite any shortcomings you always get their help. Even if you repeatedly make the same mistakes in life they will always keep trying to help you to realize your potential. Your spirit guides know the reason for your incarnation and know the lessons you have to learn and the challenges that you face.

Many people think that you choose your Spirit Guides prior to your incarnation in life on Earth and that they have agreed to guide you. Although we all have at least one Spirit Guide from when we are born, we can have other spirit helpers come to us at different times in our lives, when we need them, and it is not uncommon to have a deceased parent or other loved one come back to guide us. People who become involved in spiritual or healing work may have other guides come to help them. However there is always one main Spirit Guide, called a Doorkeeper, who is always with you. This guide is the one who decides which other spirits can give you guidance. Your Doorkeeper may change for another spirit, but you always have one and often they remain the same spirit for your whole human life.

Spirit Guides, as with many spirits often use the name and visual appearance of their last incarnation on Earth. A spirit has no gender and can manifest in absolutely any form, however Spirit Guides normally choose to manifest in a way that does not alarm you and lets you see them as they once were during a human existence.>

Spirit Guides treat you with unconditional love and you can always depend on them, however they do not live your life for you. They know and understand your problems and will always try to help you but there are some things that they just can't help you with. We are all here to learn to love more and learn other lessons and we have the free will to learn those lessons if we so choose. We get more and more help from our guides the more we try to overcome our personal challenges, live with a feeling of love, pray to God and try to spiritually develop.

We are not human beings with a spiritual form, we are spiritual beings with a human form and our Spirit Guides have all done this before. And although our Spirit Guides are more developed than us we are fundamentally all equal, we are all made of God, but we must not think of Spirit Guides as God. Spirit Guides are representatives of God, they are close friends who are full of love for us and feel no negative emotions or thoughts and who are committed to helping us develop.

Spirit Guides will only make themselves known to you if it really for the best and it won't be too much of a shock for you. But normally at least one Spirit Guide will be willing to come forward and make themselves known to you if you really want them to and if you specifically ask. To tell your Spirit Guide something is really easy, you just think it, however to hear your Spirit Guide can take some practice and for most people requires being in a receptive or meditative state.

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