Sharae Taylor

Sharae Taylor

"My belief and knowingness of the Angels has led me on a spiritual journey that has literally transformed my life. I invite you to participate in the journey..." -Sharae Taylor, I Shall Paint Angels.

Sharae Taylor is an American artist who is best known for her canvas paintings of angels, her gallery and license is known as Angel Artist & Angel Intuitive and are within collections worldwide for example a group exhibition and gallery showing within Washington, DC.

Typical Painting Edit

The typical painting of Sharae's consists of an angelic being within different pastel-like colorss and a cloud-like surrounding. The angel will typically be wearing a robe or other garment worn that was popular before the 1800's or found within another genre of that time. According to Sharae herself the paintings have the face or eyes of the angel within them that are deeply within the many details which is said by buyers to be full of symbolism.

Her paintings range from $50

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