Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed author, ascension guide, and clear channel of the light.

Melanie is passionate about sharing the empowering messages and the elevated frequencies of the Archangels and Spirit Guides. Her work revolves around helping others to remember the truth of their magnificent light and infinite personal power they carry within their open heart.

Through walking the path of an open heart, Melanie has remembered her direct link to the Realms of Angels and to the Divine. She loves helping others to remember that they have a direct link with divine love and source energy as well, and helping them connect with this uplifting and enlightening energy.

Melanie is honored to be able to share the healing, guidance and wisdom from the Divine and Spiritual Realms, to serve humanity, and all life through the ongoing Earth changes. She offers angel messages, guided meditations, angel courses, and books which are filled with the unconditional love and high vibrational energy of the Divine and Angelic Realms.

For Melanie, her psychic abilities began to blossom after she began automatic writing messages from Archangel Michael. She practiced this modality and was inspired to take a professional channeling class that taught her how to voice channel angels, which is the majority of her work, today.

In just a few short years, her books have connected with tens of thousands of readers and her channeled messages have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors, world-wide. With a focus on publishing empowering channeled messages through the web, she is achieving her personal goal of helping increase the vibration of Humanity and Mother Earth to assist in this ascension process.

Melanie is the founder of (With the help of her amazing Spirit Guides, Angels, and Twin Flame love Miles).

Melanie is committed to serving humanity and Mother Earth, through sharing the ever unfolding and expanding guidance, love and uplifting energy which flow through her as a result of her direct connection with the realm of angels.

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