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Cima da Conegliano, God the Father

God the Father

In monotheism, God is conceived of as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith. The concept of God, as described by most theologians, includes the attributes of omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), divine simplicity, and as having an eternal and necessary existence. Many theologians also describe God as being omnibenevolent (perfectly good) and all loving.

God is most often held to be incorporeal (immaterial), and to be without gender, yet the concept of God actively creating the universe (as opposed to passively) has caused many religions to describe God using masculine terminology, using such terms as "Him" or "Father". Furthermore, some religions (such as Judaism) attribute only a purely grammatical "gender" to God. Incorporeity and corporeity of God are related to conceptions of transcendence (being outside nature) and immanence (being in nature, in the world) of God, with positions of synthesis such as the "immanent transcendence" of Chinese theology.

God has been conceived as either personal or impersonal. In theism, God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, while in deism, God is the creator, but not the sustainer, of the universe. In pantheism, God is the universe itself. In atheism, God is not believed to exist, while God is deemed unknown or unknowable within the context of agnosticism. God has also been conceived as the source of all moral obligation, and the "greatest conceivable existent". Many notable philosophers have developed arguments for and against the existence of God.

There are many names for God, and different names are attached to different cultural ideas about God's identity and attributes. In the ancient Egyptian era of Atenism, possibly the earliest recorded monotheistic religion, this deity was called Aten, premised on being the one "true" Supreme Being and creator of the universe. In the Hebrew Bible and Judaism, "He Who Is", "I Am that I Am", and the tetragrammaton YHWH (Hebrew: יהוה‎‎, which means: "I am who I am"; "He Who Exists") are used as names of God, while Yahweh and Jehovah are sometimes used in Christianity as vocalizations of YHWH. In the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God, consubstantial in three persons, is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Judaism, it is common to refer to God by the titular names Elohim or Adonai, the latter of which is believed by some scholars to descend from the Egyptian Aten. In Islam, the name Allah is used, while Muslims also have a multitude of titular names for God. In Hinduism, Brahman is often considered a monistic concept of God. In Chinese religion, God is conceived as the progenitor (first ancestor) of the universe, intrinsic to it and constantly ordaining it. Other religions have names for God, for instance, Baha in the Bahá'í Faith, Waheguru in Sikhism, and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism.

The many different conceptions of God, and competing claims as to God's characteristics, aims, and actions, have led to the development of ideas of omnitheism, pandeism, or a perennial philosophy, which postulates that there is one underlying theological truth, of which all religions express a partial understanding, and as to which "the devout in the various great world religions are in fact worshipping that one God, but through different, overlapping concepts or mental images of Him."


Boundless - has no boundaries or limits.

High-Dimensional Existence: God is a Pandimensional Deity who contains all dimensions of the universe and multiverse within his body, while infinitely transcending all dimensions, existing as a transgeometric entity, devoid of concepts such as space and time.

  • Light: Light is one of the main aspects of God's essence. It was through his divine light that God gave rise to the cosmos as we know it, disintegrating the Darkness and shattering the primeval void, bringing Creation to its birth. That same Light was also used by God to create the Angels, divine and pure beings that are made of photons. The Light of God encompasses all of infinity, being present everywhere, at all times, penetrating even the furthest and darkest places in Creation, warming and illuminating even those in the most distant parts of the universe. God Himself is an infinite and omnipresent light that permeates all levels of Creation. God is everywhere, even within the hearts of living beings, with His light warming their souls and bringing energy and strength to them. There is nothing too small for the light of God not to touch, and nothing too big for the light of the Creator not to encompass.
  • Fire: The Fire that emanates from God is a partial manifestation of his body in the three-dimensional universe, being capable of destroying any object at the atomic level, completely erasing the body and mind of any creature from the physical space of the universe, if God himself does not. suppresses it.
  • Absolute transcendence: God is absolutely and infinitely above everything, everyone and anything, thinkable and unthinkable, describable or indescribable, fathomable or unfathomable, true or false,pure or profane, holy or unholy, logical or contradictory. God simply Is and always will be above all else. He cannot be improved nor can He become something, for He is absolute reality, there being no reality prior to Him. Everything that is not God depends completely on God, this includes all dimensions, all universes, multiverses and megaverses, from the smallest atom to the most gigantic of galaxies. He is absolute and supreme over all, being infinitely above life, death, creation, destruction, good, evil, light, darkness, existence, non-existence, fictitious, non-fictitious, truehood, falsehood, dualism and non-dualism, geometric dimensions, transgeometric dimensions, contradiction, concepts and archetypes, and cannot be defined by anyone or anything except Himself.Invincibility: God is unbeatable, invincible and insuperable. Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the eternal God, the Creator of all the earth and everything in the multiverse. God does not get tired or exhausted; his wisdom is unfathomable. He strengthens the weary and gives strength to the weak. Even young people get tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They fly high like eagles; run and not be weary, walk and not be weary.
    • Invincibility: God is unbeatable, invincible and insuperable. Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the eternal God, the Creator of all the earth and everything in the multiverse. God does not get tired or exhausted; his wisdom is unfathomable. He strengthens the weary and gives strength to the weak. Even young people get tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They fly high like eagles; run and not be weary, walk and not be weary.
    • The Creator: This ability allows God to arbitrarily manipulate all aspects, elements, and concepts of the multiverse and megaverse, placing worlds in a closed time loop at will, or vice versa, removing them from it. He can create or annul life at will, endow various creatures with his own powers, change or completely destroy existing realities, controlling them as he sees fit.\
      • Conceptual Existence: God is a conceptual deity, personifying the concept of God. He is existence, reality and creation itself, personified and incarnated as a supreme being known as Yesh. God is the will of the Universe, and the Word that brought all that did not exist into existence. God is apparently aware that He embodies the concept of the Abrahamic God as well as other philosophies and beliefs, with their origin due to the fact of the human mind, with Him always existing as long as humanity of the Real Universe still believes in Him and His existence. God will continue to exist through different manifestations and interpretations of Him throughout the Omniverse as long as mankind believes in Him and continues to write, speak and think about Him.
      • Biokinesis: Can manipulate the anatomy of any being, even converting a mortal man into a high-ranking angel. Conversion: Can turn one object into another. Disintegration: Can cause lower beings to explode or molecularly disintegrate objects. Energy Manipulation: Can manipulate angelic energy and create energy from his fingertips. Existence Erasure: Can erase other beings from existence. Hydrokinesis: Can manipulate water and create natural phenomena like tsunamis. Incorporeality: True form is completely incorporeal, exempt from physical and supernatural harm. Matter Manipulation: Can manipulate matter, deconstruct objects, and create matter from virtual nothingness. Mind Manipulation: Can manipulate the minds of beings. Omni (Absolute) Senses: Senses infinitely transcend those of humans. Pyrokinesis: Can manipulate fire, including supernatural holy fire. Reality Warping: Can warp reality at a near-omnipotent level. Resurrection: Can resurrect any being from the dead.. Telekinesis: Can move objects with kinetic energy. Power Granting and Negating: Can grant or strip beings of their powers. Transcendental Existence: Is above every primal and platonic concept or primordial power. Teleportation: Can teleport anywhere in existence. Terrakinesis: Can control the Earth and cause earthquakes. Weather Manipulation: Theoretically can change the weather. Virtue Inducement: Can inspire good in people.
      • omniscient - knows everything.
      • Spatial Manipulation: Can warp, bend, flip, crush, and control space.
      • Time Manipulation:Able to control time itself.
      • Acausality.
      • Conceptual Manipulation: Can manipulate, create, and/or destroy abstract concepts.
      • Beyond-Dimensional Existence:state of being of characters who exist outside, and are independent of, space and its dimensions. This is different from Zero-Dimensionality in that a zero dimensional thing is still spatial in nature, but simply lacks more than zero extension in any dimension.

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