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Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue (born April 29, 1958) is an American author and a motivational speaker. Virtue has written over 50 books including oracle card decks on the subject of angels and other spiritual topics. In 2017, she converted to Christianity after claiming that Jesus presented himself to her in a vision.

Education and early career[]

Virtue received an associate degree in liberal arts from Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California, and obtained a B.A. in Psychology in 1986 and an M.A. in Counseling psychology in 1988 from Chapman University in Orange, California. Virtue earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from then unaccredited California Coast University in 1996. (CCU received accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council in 2005, and is accredited for its program in Educational Psychology.) The subject of her dissertation was the tendency of adults who suffered childhood sexual abuse to develop addictions such as eating disorders.

Doreen L. Virtue held a license as a Registered Psychological Assistant, as well as a license as a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern issued September 6, 1989. For a time she was psychological director of an inpatient psychiatric women's unit at Cumberland Hall Psychiatric Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

Doreen began publishing psychology and self-help books on topics such as child custody and eating disorders before changing the focus of her work and writing spiritually-oriented topics.

Personal life[]

Virtue was born on April 29, 1958 to a Christian Scientist family in California. She reports clairvoyant abilities such as seeing and conversing with spirits since she was a young child. In her twenties, she married Larry Schenk, with whom she had her two sons, Grant and Charles. Virtue has said that Schenk was possessive and emotionally abusive, leading to the couples' eventual divorce.

Her second husband was Dwight Virtue, whom she divorced for undisclosed reasons. In 1995, Doreen Virtue married Michael Tienharra, the owner of a small art gallery in Newport Beach, CA. She was divorced from Michael Tienharra in 1999. Virtue was married for a fourth time to Steven Farmer, a fellow Hay House author. They were divorced in 2009. Her current partner is Michael David Robinson (Virtue)

She has been a vegan since 1996. In 2017, she denounced the New Age and now lives as a “born-again Christian”. This radical change started when she had a vision of Jesus in church on January 7, 2017 and was finalized by her baptism a month later.

Current career[]

Virtue previously wrote for the publishing company Hay House and had a number of books, audiobooks and oracle card decks, published with them on various topics such as angels, fairies, indigo children, and ascended masters. Since her baptism on February 25, 2017, Doreen only writes scripturally (except for a weekly New Age column in Woman's World), even though some of her previous writing is still being sold by her former publisher. She has removed some products from the marketplace, removed her name from co-authored books, donated royalties from sales of Tarot-related products to the Hay Foundation Charity, and rewritten books to be "scripturally correct" though she lacks any formal education in Theology. As of April 2018, she claims that she only had the ability to perform divination while she was in the New Age movement because she was possessed by the spirit of python.

Published works[]


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